Military Resort Rentals


Military Resort Rentals is proud to provide great savings, unique accommodation choices, and amazing customer service exclusively for the 5 branches of the Department of Defense. This includes the following branches of uniformed services; Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines & Coast Guard.  Each branch is eligible to receive the discounts offered directly to your ITT/ITR offices from Military Resort Rentals.  

We encourage you to contact your local Information, Tickets and Tour office on base today and discuss the benefits we provide to you and your family.

How do we do it?  As a unique provider to the Department of Defense Recreation initiative, MRR is able to negotiate the best possible rates at some of the world’s finest resorts. If you are active duty, retiree, dependent or DoD civilian, then many of the great resorts and pricing are available to you through your local ITT and ITR offices.

These savings are then passed directly to YOU!



Military Resort Rentals